You're not alone, some days

I haven’t spent the past few days fruitfully. No matter how long the holidays are, it’s useless when you don’t grab the time wisely.

At least I’d fixed my keyboard. I took the whole night to reformat my hard-disk while I played with my Romance of the three kingdoms.

I slept in the noon on my off day, which was also my birthday. I’d become so stubborn that when expected unexpected happened, I refused to plan for another; one person alone couldn’t do much anyway. My only feast was the fish and chips bought by my mum, where I dined on the bed alone.

My rebellious thought wanted me to try out something which I didn’t like – the night life. I started calling people but each of them contributed more to my disappointment.

I went on with a small group, which made me feel pathetic. If it wasn’t for this plan, I could have joined Benson and the rest of my ex platoon-mates at his house.

I spent another day in front of the computer and television set; I received some greetings from friends who thought my birthday was that day. Then, I was told the plan for the night might be cancelled again. So I slacked at the same place, until night time there wasn’t any news, and I realised I should have gone to Chen De and Zijian’s chalet.

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