A large pot of noodle

I’ve such big communication problem with my mum; she can’t understand me and I fail to accept crazy things she does.

I was so lazy and my feet were too painful to walk on anymore and I asked her to cook instant noodle for me. It ended up with a large pot for the small packet of noodle, becoming so tasteless with all the water, and with a leftover egg dipped inside. The spoon dropped flat once I left it there.

I wouldn’t use that large pot unless I had to cook for at least four persons’ share.

We were out the whole day. The dinner was the great seafood – crabs, prawns, frogs’ legs and vegetable. None of the food on the table was appetizing to me and I took so little for that meal. I was so hungry when we reached Singapore.

So, I’ve solution to everything now. I can’t trust anyone that I’ve to do everything by myself, even to cook an edible bowl of instant noodle. And since I’m not into any seafood or great delicious that my life is so pathetic and fated not to enjoy myself, I shall object whenever my family want to go outside to dine. It’ll reduce the suffering caused by my injuries and thus, I’m able to rest better.

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