A long holidays

Finally it’s kind of a long weekends for me. The best thing is that I need not step into camp for the next five days.

I’m having physiotherapy session tomorrow in the morning. This time I’d definitely get more advises for my knees, finally, from the MMI physiotherapist. Actually I’ve seen Kian Wee’s legs and they look worse than mine, but they don’t give him any pain anymore. And also, I’m going to get my butts burnt again during the traction and I hope the torture would aid me in reducing the pain at my back.

The formation volleyball training presumes next. This time, however, I’m going there alone for Kian Wee has withdrawn from the training. Sing Wei has medical appointment in the afternoon and Clement is having overseas leave. The last hope for a familiar and friendly face is CPT Phua, who seems to be busy. The worst thing is the cramp that has left endless pain on my calves since the previous day’s training, makes me lose hope for tomorrow’s training, which I can’t perform again.

The following day is the TRMS outing and we’re going to Rehan’s house instead of camp. Though I’ll be having fun with many nice people, not everyone is very pleasant.

Next are Christmas Eve and the holidays. It’s good to be able to relax.

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