Aimless night at Holland Village

It was a weird gathering at Holland Village organised by Kok Chiang. I didn’t know what it was for; Anqi called me and I thought it was going to be very happening, so I agreed since I was free.

She wanted to get a table at Ikea and we met there to wait for Tze Khit to pick us up. Both of us were late but she was later.

Ikea was a good place to see pretty girls, but it’d definitely make you jealous for they were attached. Even on the way there, at the bus-stop opposite Redhill MRT station, there was a couple behaving intimately.

I was a road idiot, not so bad, but still I couldn’t see the building when I was sitting at the back when it was so dark everywhere. Luckily, the next stop wasn’t too far away.

Tze Khit arrived soon after Anqi. I sensed lots of influence in his words. Basically, the type of plain table she was looking for didn’t interest me at all, therefore I couldn’t give much advice.

She chose a less stable one after some hesitation, which I thought wasn’t that good. The original one that she wanted to get was much more interesting and would be fun to assemble.

Anyway, it was dangerous to look for stuffs there since there were more than one price tag in many items. You’d to add them together to get the final price before you miscalculate and exceed your budget.

Night life at Holland Village was quite good with all the babes, but there wasn’t any event for us. It was an aimless night which boredom started to get us soon.

Tze Khit dropped me home first before he sent Anqi home. It was dark and I was losing conscious that I was so slow in giving him the direction when we were near my house.

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