Calendar planner

I really need 48 hours per day. At least, 36 hours and I promise I’ll be a good boy and use the extra 12 hours to sleep.

I’ve printed out a calendar for this month and scheduled my tasks inside together with all the upcoming events. I’ve taken steps to give in my best and not idle everyday staring into the screen.

I’m just following what I’ve done in the past for a period of time when I was organised and be brave enough to face troublesome tasks.

Easy tasks can be finished fast but whenever I think all of them, they frighten me off and I’m never able to get started.

However, I seem to have set unrealistic timing for my work that I can’t complete them in time. I’m not At least, some things are being done. I’m trying to push myself.

It has been hell for me and I’m struggling each day to last my night as long as I can, to forsake my sleeping time. There’re too many activities that I can’t anticipate in my planning.

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