Christmas 2005

It’s just a festival, an excuse for friends to gather, for fun and to release stress.

Every year it’s still the same, going out with the same group of friends, except the faces are somehow different; people just walk in and out of our lives.

This year, I thought I was going to stay at home until Mingfa called me. I tried to get more people like Kachua and Jinyang who had already had their own appointments, whereas Guoxin claimed he didn’t know the rest well and I stopped probing him.

It was a short notice and then Mingfa suddenly messaged me that I’d to get a present for gifts exchange. After lazing around, I started cracking and finally bought an umbrella, which exceeded the budget.

Moving about slowly and preparing to be late for more than half an hour since Weitat usually wouldn’t arrive until two hours after the meeting time, this time I was wrong. Perhaps, they might have met up earlier before going there.

Dinner was Long John Silver’s at IMM. We slacked around waiting for others and then took the shuttle bus to Jurong East MRT and proceeded to Somerset, where we had fun taking photos. When all the thirteen of us were there, we moved to Cuppage for karaoke.

Gifts exchange was at twelve sharp. I got jewellery for girls and Meijun exchanged her pillow with me. We continued with the singing and photo taking until half of us were falling asleep.

Partying during festival season could be costly like up to $28 each person. We left the place with pocket torn at around three in the morning. I gave a call to Ruoci and realised she had abandoned us again. After a visit to the Seven-eleven store, the breads cured me from my gastric pain.

We proceeded on towards Lau Pa Sat by foot and it took us around an hour to reach there. I’d a plate of chicken chop. It was quite nice except that the paper plate didn’t have any divider to prevent the fries from being wetted and the paper fork wasn’t sharp enough.

Everyone started to leave soon and we didn’t go to Fullerton One as planned. Anyway, just when I was about to leave with Weitat and his two thirteen-years-old friends, it started to pour heavily.

We boarded the first bus and the pillow saved me from being drenched badly.

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