Denial of eligibility

It’s a game of wits, courage and determination.

When I asked 007 if Clement had emailed him the details about the formation volleyball, which Clement told me he had, 007 denied it.

Next was the same evil scheme again, using my physiotherapy appointments as an excuse to further deny my eligibility for the game.

The festival had put my brain in a halted condition again, together with the tiredness caused by the swim earlier on, and the thought of not spoiling the good day cut off further debate.

I too have to agree it doesn’t sound very logical for an injured man to be involved in the game, but does it mean that I’ve to stop all exercise? The only condition so far to hurt me is to carry heavy and bulky things, and not by playing any sport.

The MO doesn’t want to downgrade me and thus I’ve to go for all activities. He refuses to write a memo to certify I’m fit for the game because he insists my pes status has made it clear that I’m eligible.

Since I’ve taken my Range, IPPT tests and have been heavily involved in all the shifting of equipments in camp and no superior has taken pity of me or push them away for my injuries, why are they stopping me from playing volleyball?

In camp, I’ve been doing more than my part, though no superior would look at it. As for attendance wise, I haven’t been taking MC even when I fall very sick.

If I’m not given my rights or the heads are not supportive, I’m going my own way; if my respect for them is not being appreciated, I shall not be polite anymore; if rules are meant to be broken, I shall not hesitate to break them.

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