Funan tour

When I finally thought of a place to go, to meet up with the guys and chill up, the organising got me sleepy. Just when I thought Guoxin was finally free to go out, he backed out suddenly.

I went to Funan Centre by myself in the thought of giving Ruoci a surprise. I crossed the bridge straight to level 2 and kept looking downstairs as I thought the shop she worked in was just a booth. Just a few steps away, I landed just outside the shop and I was shocked to see Eunice inside staring at me. Mingfa was intending to have dinner at Wisma but Ruoci managed to persuade him to dine there.

I took a walk by myself for more than an hour. I went in search of the old book store that used to sell second hand books but it had gone missing, or maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me.

I went up to the Challenger, saw some fantastic technologies. All the thumb drives, keyboards, mouse, webcams, furniture, CD casings, laptop bags, camera pouches and others looked so tempting. I was attracted to the sound speakers, realising the rose of my urge for unessential stuffs.

I received lots of SMSes from Anqi and calls from Mingfa and when I was too bored to walk around, I stopped outside the shop to wait for them. Then, we were served by the pretty Ruoci who didn’t give professional service. Eunice even squatted on the seats behind to wait for our orders.

The fish and chips I ordered weren’t nice, but it wasn’t their speciality afterall. The side dishes especially the mushroom soup had filled my stomach somehow before the main course and then my gastric acid was wrecking havoc again. In the end, I couldn’t even finish all the fries.

I could have looked very bad with the uncomfortableness, as thought I was dying. I still managed to take a picture with Ruoci before we left but the output wasn’t satisfying.

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