I missed the first bus again

This day I knew it was fatal to miss the last parade. I wished my prediction was wrong but luck had never taken pity on me. Everyone had expected for the worst, so they opted to leave first. Whereas for me, I was stuck since someone had to sacrifice.

I was waiting in a daze before being asked for help. Then I realised I could have caught the bus if we had done everything earlier. Maybe I couldn’t make a difference since I’d already tried my best to get things worked without being assigned to; I alone couldn’t do multiple jobs, nor did I have the aggressive to get everyone working.

I could have really left, leaving Chen De alone; one person staying was always better than both, so that not both of us had to take the second bus. If he had not been asleep or at least could have told me to write the voucher, we didn’t have to sacrifice.

When we missed the first bus, it took thirty-five minutes for the next and last one to arrive; it was such waste of time. And if we stayed for half an hour, we couldn’t update the overtime book, which was kind of based on hourly basis.

It was Thursday but the last day of my working day, so it was fine with me.

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