I'm a good boy

It’s a new record!
My timing has been improving for the past days. I’m quite determinate to train myself up in order to face the upcoming volleyball matches and to be the old me again.
These three days I’ve been jogging downstairs my house at level three, which I estimate five rounds is equivalent to 2.4 kilometres. I’ve been taking fifteen seconds lesser to complete the five rounds each day. Even though it’s still over eleven minutes, I’m sure I can cut it down if my drive doesn’t wear off and if my body is able to take it…
Some people may be wondering why I’m still able to run when I’m supposed to be injured, little do they know the pain I’m enduring.
Jogging has little to do with my back, though it did happen before that the upper part of my back started to ache badly during a jog. My right knee gives me the most problems till now, such that after running, climbing stairs causes sharp pain; even walking on flat ground is hurting.
I was all excited about the physiotherapy appointment yesterday because it was going to be the first time both my back and knees problems were consulted together. I was ready to prone her with lots of questions.
Just when I thought since both cases were to be combined into one session in future, there would be less medical appointment for me in future; she told me the first consultation must be in individual session. So, she told me to book another appointment for my knees and then I had to go back to the heartless doctor in camp for renewal of the date since it valid for only a month and it had long been expired after all the delays.
We continued with talking about my back and she suggested using another technology to help me get better. It was called Traction. It injected another jab of excitements into me.
My butts almost went on fire! Dawn set me up with the machine and I was feeling very uncomfortable with the heat. I bear with it, hoping that it would reduce the problem, until the physiotherapist came and started the machine, I realised my ass was going to be tortured even longer.
Traction is better than the Interferential machine, such that I’m able to doze off during the treatment.
Anyway, shallow people have always thought that going for medical appointments means able to go home earlier. It’s not for my case since I’m always the last patient to leave the place as to make use of the time to work out more during the gym session. Yesterday, I stayed until five plus, which was even later than the Friday’s book-out timing.

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