I'm not just sleepy

I’ve been a freaky zombie in camp these few days. With the aids of nose allergic that causes tired eyes, my terribly lack of sleep makes my face more pale.

But sometimes, I look too quiet to avoid being involved in any dramatic conversation with any potential actor. I fear of having friendly talks and a few minutes later, being backstabbed by someone. This isn’t cool at all.

Inclusively, sometimes I’m just too sad to chill on when I’ve predicted upcoming crisis, too busy to try my luck in my seeking for any prevention or solution.

It happened just so often that today I’d a gloomy morning again, even before the shitty work outbroke. This frustration of mine could never be resolved, imagining the CCO loaned the computers to my department for my department to loan to 6SIG, just for them to loan to other unit. The process was so tedious, wasteful of time, manpower and far too crappy for the presence of the “middle-men”.

I spent my whole afternoon till evening checking the thirty-five sets of computer, removing everything from the boxes, checking for physical deflects, cracking the passwords that wouldn’t supposed to be set, logging in to check for software problems, carrying them into the crowded store room, arranging them nicely etc. I was dehydrated by the end of the day after digging for the missing mouses and keyboard, which that guy dropped on their five-tonne.

This was the day which put my back and knees into greater aching, just two days before my volleyball games. I almost couldn’t walk on and since I was preparing to give all in to the games, I couldn’t complain about my pains.

I’d be a happier man soon.

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