Suddenly I remember this important fact about visiting a doctor. You’ve to stress each point clearly, and by hook or by crook, make sure he doesn’t twist a few words around in his report.

Let’s take for example: you’re there to see him because of a back injury after carrying some heavy stuffs. When you tell him you first injured it due to volleyball practise five years ago, make sure you highlight that’s only the starter of the pain. Also, you’ve to make it clear that it’s due to excess physical training for the volleyball game.

If he’s something wrong with his ears or his mind can’t really focus, and he indicates you’re complaining about your backache this visit due to volleyball practise, or he tries to act smart by summarizing the sentences by only writing down “Due to excessive volleyball game.” – And you’re a goner.

So, do both patients and doctors need to be A-grade students for English or GP (General paper) in order to make a successful consultation? I don’t know.

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