Looking at the babes

My enthusiasm to set off to camp each morning is lost as the school holidays start. Journeys are boring without good sighting.

I was always looking out for the girl who stayed in the same block as I. She was the most charismatic girl I had seen on my way to camp. It was pretty interesting to meet her in the morning to rush for the earlier train. She turned up from nowhere and I guessed she was taking the second lift located at the most inner part of the car park. My pace was quicker but she amazed me by reaching the MRT station right on time. This skinny NHSS girl was always my ice candy for her stylishness and spottiness. However, she always walked to the centre and following her was a bit obvious.

At the later timing, there used to be a JJC girl who would take the escalator on the right. From the path she took to the MRT station, I guessed she stayed at block one or two. She was a sweet sunshine beauty who would catch most of the guys’ sights. However, she went missing in action since the beginning of the A level prelim period.

It was until my younger brother and I realised that we could take the same train, I followed him to take the escalator at the left side. I started to notice about a girl from GMETHSS who should be staying in either block 7 or 8. She was near my height and almost my size. She had a pretty face and some kind of “dao-ness”; in fact she looked cool and sporty, possessing an x-factor. Unfortunately she was taking the opposite direction’s train.

Towards the next stop, there would be a sweet girl boarding the train. Sometimes she would stand besides me, while sometimes when I was luckier, she stood face to face with me at the sides of the door. She was small size and looked Japanese, not pretty at all angles but certainly huggable. After so many months, I failed to find out which school she was from, only to know it was near Buona Vista MRT.

There was another sweet netball girl from CTSS who boarded the train at Redhill to meet up with her other two friends. Her figure wasn’t good but she was very cute looking.

When my brother stopped going to school after his prelim papers, I made attempt to catch the earlier train and was rewarded. This girl from CCKS who boarded the train at Commonwealth made me leave house early everyday. She wasn’t as pretty as other girls but she resembled my second crush during my secondary school days – Peishan. She wasn’t very ladylike, nor was she a very slim well figured hot babe, it was this Simplicity and causally of hers that made me grow so attracted to her.

I’ve never ever managed to bring up my guts to approach any of the girls to make friends. It’ll be so good to have a sweet girl to keep me accompanied on the way to camp each morning just as a friend.

Maybe it’s better this way so that there won’t be another heart-breaker in this world since I’m always the one being hurt; unlike playboys on the street who can always make miracle and attract innocent girls, hurt them and turn them heartless.

The holidays are bringing more cons than pros. It’s also the marking of departure and new start – I may not be able to see any of them anymore because they may have graduated.

Nevertheless, the only thing that doesn’t change at all is that I’m still all alone, failing to find a blossom to pour out my thoughts.

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