Not gastric problem?

Life tends to be better in camp without people who always plays hide-and-seek and often causes us troubles; or maybe it’s because there haven’t been many lessons.

Our bonds are getting stronger each day, although all the bad habits are still there. There’re still too much of slacking and the shits are left behind for those who’re more hardworking. Again, why should we care when the I/C doesn’t even care?

It has been so peaceful that the upcoming huge number of new trainees is frightening me off. It’s going to be so busy again and new craps will emerge soon.

There was this guy in smart four wearing sandals, waiting for his unorganised platoon being punished, to march to his spot for lunch. We were walking towards him and I was curious and asked him was that his platoon and he replied me “Yes sir!” It was that moment I felt being promoted and I paused and looked at my shoulder before I continued “Huh?” and he said “Yes sir” again. I wasn’t trying to disturb him, but wanted to tell him something, which I had already forgotten after the joke he created.

I went for medical appointment for my gastric problem. I dozed off while waiting and then woke up for some time, long enough for me to doze off again.

The specialist, Ankul Patel, impressed me with his humorous character at such hour that it was nearly time to knock off and yet there were so many patients waiting. His accent was the big problem, which I couldn’t really catch.

However, he seemed more professional than all the previous specialist and he suspected my pain wasn’t due to gastric problem. His analysis sounded logical but now I’d to go for another x-ray scanning. It wasn’t good for I was going to miss more actions in camp, which mean more accusation.

After which, I went to collect another three months of medicine supply for my injuries. In fact, I was only interested in the anti-inflammatory plaster, not all the useless pain-killers. I was given a different brand of plaster – Ketotop – so cool shiny packaging! The quality of the cloth seemed better as well.

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