Peaceful day

This morning I woke up in peace. It was a bit later than usual as I was going to MMI (Military Medical Institute) instead of camp. I was early but I had a long wait even though I was the first patient.

I was supposed to go for traction for my back before a review for my knees but the machine was down. Miss Archana suggested I go for the gym sessions first but I turned them down since I didn’t want to have more appointments and so I’d wait for more than two weeks for the servicing men to do their jobs.

As I was telling her the history of my knees, I seemed to have problems communicating in English. After all the typing, she finally started doing tests on me. She thought my knee had got nothing to do with Osgood Schlatter disease, though the SGH specialist claimed otherwise. She tried to bend my legs and realised they were extremely tight, and I could feel the tension too when I was in my most relaxed mood.

She had the most evil way to provoke my right knee and it gave me pains whereas the left one didn’t give me much problem. It wasn’t the end of her conclusion as she was too professional to understand that both my knees would give me hell lots of problems only after I exerted them. Therefore, I’d to go for some tests during the next appointment. She had also pointed out a shocking fact that my left calf was bigger even though I had right master leg. She had also noticed about the lump on my left calf and she suggested I go for some scanning.

I’d a long wait again to get my next appointment booked and it was Kenneth who called for me, else I might not have enough time for lunch. I went back to Chua Chu Kang and was thinking of going back to camp for lunch but time didn’t permit. I also had a craving for the western food in the food court but I decided not to enjoy it when I was so lonely and in rush of time. Instead, I went for the budgeted Long John Silver’s since I didn’t want to kill more brain cells to think of what to eat. My dear “sister” from 2SIG passed by in her lively smiles with some friends but she didn’t notice me.

I’d more than twenty-five minutes of wait for bus 927 in the cold rainy weather, but still managed to arrive first at Mandai camp. The hall was so nice and the lighting was so good except for the problematic poles. We wasted so much time setting the net up.

I was glad that Weichong was present this time; however, the present of another older SAFSA player turned me quieter. They wanted me to be the setter during the free spike session and I fumbled it up. I wasn’t used to be in the centre of attention.

Finally I was able to spike. I’d problems getting back my timing, however, was calm enough to get all the balls over. I was then told to aim for positions and it was the first time someone said my wrist was good.

Throughout the whole training, I was quite motivated and took very little rest. Even when the training had ended, I was still trying to make use of every second to practise. I could only pray for height wasn’t a problem and my determination could earn me back my rusted skill.

I took a free ride on Bryan’s car to Khati MRT station and realised he was quite a nice guy. Just when everything was so smooth, I realised I couldn’t get my off pass signed for the next Tuesday morning’s training since the office was closed on the next few days.

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