Polyclinic on Saturday

When I had planned to go out for supper with my family, I just got so tired that I dozed off while resting on the mattress. It was just after midnight.

I was so tired but still able to wake up by nine in the morning. At the point of time when I was about to get back to sleep, I remembered I should pay the doctor a visit.

The first thing I did was to check the computer for messages. I realised it was a quiet morning after I feel asleep. I quickly made a cup of instant Milo and then instant noodle. At least this time I wasn’t lazy to cook like usual. Everything was fine but I almost left the cooked noodle cool without pouring in the packet of ingredients.

It was so stupid to visit the doctor on Saturday and not on a weekday. The “market” was spoilt by people who took MC often and anyone who got the MC would be classified as “chao geng”. Even though the meaningless prejudgement wouldn’t hurt me, I didn’t like to be accused and there weren’t enough people in camp in my absence.

I was blessed for my commitment and heaven removed me with a babe. She was sexy in a spaghetti top, seductive with her nice skin and had a figure better than normal girls. What caught my eyes most was her silky hair so soft that I almost wanted to dash forward to touch them.

Anyway, she was with her mum and then after I got my number from the registration counter, they choose the seats right in front, facing me, however, with a glass with designs in between. The part where it was transparent led my sight at her chest. That was unintentional and besides, she wasn’t wearing low cut and I’d rather look at her face.

I had a long wait. The babe came later than me but went into the room earlier. They came out and then went to the special room to make appointment to see specialist (guessed from my rich experience).

When I was asked on the phone why I was there, I replied I was bored and wanted to visit the doctor for a chat.

It was some time later, a nurse called for my name and sent me to another room, which I was glad that was a male doctor (just don’t like the attitudes of some of the female doctors).

It was already afternoon and the doctor seemed to be very rush. I told him about my eyes having itchiness and tiredness often and after checking, he looked into my nose and asked if there was irritation. Then I started to tell him about my flu, which he said it was nose allergic that led to problems with eyes.

He asked if I wanted to try a type of spray for nose, which would somehow help a little in my eyes’ problems but would cost around $16. I told him I had the 11B and was so proud of it. He even asked me if I needed MC and that was quite dumb on a Saturday.

I got to see the babe at the pharmacy. I was trying to give Siew Chin Jinyang’s number and the pharmacist called for me. She gave me the cough syrup and flu tablets, which I didn’t know the doctor would give me since I thought it was just nose irritation. Having doubts that they might have errors, I asked her where the $16 spray was and she thought I was trying to hurry her.

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