It’s been such rare case that I haven’t been writing anything on my notebook during travelling. I had just finished reading a book last week titled “On the job”, whereas my free time on the train and in camp were spent on putting each word into my brain. I was reading for the sake of reading.

Reading was a tough job for me since I could be distracted so easily. Everytime after finishing a paragraph, it seemed like I hadn’t gone through them before. I was in fact thinking of other things while I was reading. It might be a supernatural power or unique skill, which I rather not had, because it was simply useless.

I bought a book from the bookfair downstairs my house last week. I was hoping for cheap old or second hand programming books but they weren’t as cheap as expected.

Most information could be viewed online, therefore, it didn’t worth to spend too much money on books; however, reading from books and monitors were totally different feeling, whereas small sized books could accompany me anywhere.

There were other books which I was quite fancy of, but decided not to waste money since I might not even have enough time to go over them.

In fact, reading is less awkward than writing during travelling; it’ll somehow attract less attention.

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