Roti prata

Just when I was typing my journal, my mum came home and asked if I wanted to have supper. Upon seeing her enthusiasm, I didn’t want to disappoint her.

It was a morning that I didn’t have mood to have any food, little did my laziness willing to give in. My whole day of events had tired me out and I had some irritation on my nose that I couldn’t really taste anything perfectly. Besides, the pineapple my mum left in the refrigerator had already “cut” my tongue that it was kind of numb.

What I suggested a few nights ago was to go to the Kampong Bahru road near the old Gan Eng Seng School campus for roti prata. I hadn’t been there since graduated, therefore, there was always rooms for memorial.

It was tiring to stroll on my inflamed feet. It was more disappointing that they didn’t want to sell plain roti prata at that hour. We ordered three with eggs to share with one cup of ginger milk and normal tea, which cost $5.10.

The roti pratas were done fast. The eggs weren’t evenly spread and they weren’t really cooked.

Overall, it was a letdown.

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