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Even though I had fallen asleep so early at around eleven that I had missed my show “康熙微服私访记”, it didn’t help me to get up on time. I remembered pressing down the alarm clock’s button myself, so it wasn’t the clock or anyone else’s fault. Logically, it wasn’t a surprise that I’d oversleep since I hadn’t ad enough rest for the past few weeks; the previous days were just pure luck that I could get up on time for camp.

I took the first shuttle bus, changed and rushed to 2SIG parade square. I was late of course but still eligible for the test. It was great to have Kim Hock, Sam, Wah Chuan and other friends around. The organisers were smart to put us into the same detail, forming in total four details.

Chin-ups were easy for me as usual, but I seemed to be too arrogant that I lifted myself too high at chest level. I was just stupid but not so bad that I had stopped at twelve casually. Next was shuttle run, which I still didn’t dare to “jam brake”, but still managed to get 9.8 seconds. Sit-up was tiring for me that I had to pause at thirty-eight and then complete another four. We proceeded to standing-board jump and I was teased after removing my spectacle because I took quite long to find the starting line which was actually quite tough to locate since the mate itself was black as well. I made the first try of over two hundreds and fifty centimetres. I didn’t take off smoothly and I didn’t know the requirement to score perfect, therefore I wanted to go for another try and ended up being teased again since I had already scored the five points.

Kim Hock impressed me. He wasn’t good in his jump but his perseverance was remarkable. He didn’t want to give up after the fourth try. I didn’t expect him to get his ideal score since his energy was most probably drained up. His greatness was a motivation to strife hard and it drove my spirit high.

Unfortunately I couldn’t do a good job in the 2.4km run. I wasn’t a good runner ever since after the college days and my injuries had dragged me down on my stamina so much. So, I could only get the silver award.

It was after the disappointing test, I experienced bad pain when I tried to climb up stairs. I had another 2.4km run during the afternoon for the Healthy Lifestyle, after which even climbing down the stairs hurt my knees, especially the right one.

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