Slave for you

This bloody thumb drive just doesn’t work okay?

There’re limited things I can do but nobody understands. I’ve tried on my brother’s computer and it can’t be detected. I don’t know what’s wrong with it or perhaps the computer itself sucks.

I’ve been hesitating for hours to try on my computer and I really hate to do it. It’s not just a few minutes job to insert the bloody thumb drive into the USB port, then open the folder and drag everything inside and remove the thumb drive; the casing is so loose that I’m not supposed to touch it, not even to plug in anything into the USB port.

Yes I’ve done it and it causes my computer to hang first. Then the mouse can’t be detected and I’ve to restart it twice to make my system work. And again it just can’t work.

It’s not that I don’t want to help my friends – I’m too powerless. Buy me a better computer and I’ll spare the time for you. Things just aren’t simple and I’ve my reasons if I’ve to reject any help.

And I hate it when people come to me just to ask for MP3 files. If you don’t know it’s illegal then I’ve to tell you now – YES IT’S ILLEGAL.

Even if it’s legal, do you think it’s fair to keep bothering me? You’re not helping me in anything and instead, distracting me from my work.

You’ve your hands and time but you’re just lazy. I give you the URL to search for them but you refuse to. You’re not alone because dozens others are joining you to take things for granted.

Can’t you just simply send a message over just to have a friendly and sincere chat that will really make the day? Perhaps, if you’ve any personal problem I’ll be able to listen and give advices.

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