Stepping out one more time

I’m stepping out of my life as the inter-signals volleyball game approaches. I don’t know if it’d do me good or bad, but it seems that I’m heading towards a no-return route.

I met 2WO Soh this morning and he called 007 in front of me to seek permission for Kian Wee (Jianwei) and I to take part in the game on this coming Friday. There wasn’t any problem except for Kian Wee might have exams to settle on that day, which he managed to push all his appointments to other days.

Suddenly, I received a phone call from Shep, who was so in doubt of my physical condition to take part in the game. It wasn’t out of my anticipation that she would enquire me about it, but at least not so soon.

I was caught in the midst of my dazing mood, too shocked to answer her; anyway I doubted she would be able to understand my situation and condition. If only Staff Quek was around I could explain to him or if Chen De was very determined to help me speak up, since he was experiencing injuries too. Anyway, I told her I’d approach the MO for certification that I was fit to play the game, just like how Mani had done; moreover he was a Pes E personnel.

This is the tight problem I’m facing before achieving my dreamed NS life. Since I’m still injured and currently still undergoing physiotherapy, it doesn’t seem logical for me to play the game.

I’m in doubt of my own condition as well, but I strongly believe and confirm that my health would improve if I ever get out of the camp; I’ll be able to recuperate much faster without all the craps, certainly. I’ll get the aching and pains after the game, but they aren’t tortures that I’ve never endured before.

I went to the MO with confidence that he would grant me my wish; he was the one who didn’t want to excuse me from Range, IPPT, Guard duty and whatever more torturing physical activities, thus he had no reason to excuse me from the volleyball game. However, he refused to write anything for me because my Pes status was supposed to be fit for everything, so the rest was up to 007.

This day, I’ve waited for so long, seems too alluring. I’m yelling, hopping and dashing towards it, resembling an innocent child who’s facing his new toy, willingly to give up anything for it.

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