The most crucial period

So, there went my only leave of the year.

It was kind of wasted though the day was quite fruitful; I could actually get an off for the training at Mandai camp, if not for the ugly people.

I was there half an hour earlier, reading outside the administration door in a cool position. I watched three guys trying to roll a heavy tin down the stairs and then some passers-by were asked to help out. Two joined force to carry one tin down, whereas another one did it by himself. What I witnessed were different kinds of attitudes.

I went into the office so that I could open up the doors of the hall to start everything off earlier but the people weren’t so friendly. At least I was able to do it. After some time, I was told that the office would be closed soon and I’d to sign out the key to the door of the backstage. That Indian guy didn’t want me to take the key out from the sealed envelop before I signed over.

The participation was as bad as before and this time only eight of us were there. I was told by Brian I was going to play libero. I was fine with that since I’d have higher chance to get into Safsa, other than that I couldn’t perform by attacking. The crucial thing was still the eligibility for me to take part in the tournament.

I didn’t dig expectedly well. However, I felt less pressured like the previous time when David was around. I also had a phobia from the first training when both my calves had a cramp at the same time. It wasn’t a nice feeling to play when I still didn’t know if I could go for the next training.

Luckily all of them were very friendly people. We could achieve more if everyone was able to come for the training. Their digging couldn’t make it, whereas I hadn’t gotten back my confidence. They did extremely well in their spiking but I could predict bad situations during the tournament when opponents played tricky. I really hoped we could get into the semi-final.

Setting was no problem for me before I got tired in the third set, which my team eventually won a can of free drinks each. We’d great fun.

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