The warehouse and the beach

I can’t believe I’ll wake up so early this morning at eight plus. I really need to sleep more. I can’t even remember what time I’ve fallen asleep last night, not even the last thing I’ve done.

I overslept the day before when I was supposed to meet up with Kailin to the Mizuno warehouse sales. She woke me up by phone and I realised Kok Chiang wasn’t joining us anymore. So, I had to waste my money taking a cab over at the expense of getting less one shirt.

It was cool to see Michelle again after so long – as long as I last bought a new pair of shoes. We chatted for quite long over the Japan supplier not resuming the contract with them, and instead gave the offer to World of Sports.

It’s this business world that changes my habit of purchasing my sportswear. It’s such a big loss that I can’t get cheap and good quality stuffs. So, I’ll have to pay around 66% more if I want to get them elsewhere in future.

Michelle can actually distribute goods for another brand whose goods come from the same factory of Mizuno’s, but young sports people are too brand conscious. What they see are different from me, for I only go for cheap, good design and good quality stuffs, not so much of the brand. Without their support, the market can never be opened.

I bought a pair of court shoes for $50 which will definitely cost over hundred elsewhere. I wanted to get a pair of track shoes actually but the leftover sizes didn’t fit me at all. Michelle would replenish the warehouse with more goods after collecting back from some shops; by then I’d have more choices if I were quick enough and only if I wasn’t so lazy to make a trip down again. I also bought 2 polo shirts at $14 but given them to my brothers since they would need them more than I.

I went to the Harbourfront centre with Kailin, where Siewchin aka renyao, Kachua and Shauna joined us. The five of us went into Sentosa and then camped at Palawan beach. It was the day I spent another $12 to renew my islander card and to realise the temporary card had changed to a brighter blue card, which was much nicer.

After idling for some time, looking at young ah lians and ah bengs, we moved over to Sunsetbay, where we started a little stretching for volleyball. We played in a court with lousy players, but we weren’t good either. At least, we had two girls in our team of four and one injured me together with a super rusty Kachua.

It was a fine day. After the rain during the morning, the weather was so cool and welcoming. It was such a waste that we didn’t go in a big group and that the place wasn’t as crowded as in the past anymore. I did hear from Sam that there were many babes during weekdays but it was impossible for me to be down there when I was stuck in camp.

Anyway, it could be more fun for me if Mingfa or Guoxin was down there so that I didn’t have to be a setter and I’d certainly give the opponents some ball biscuits since the net was very low. Better luck next time!

As it got nearer to evening, the two Andys invited us to a game at the first court when it was empty. By then, Kachua was finally using his strength when the net was much higher. We had fun, especially to tease around with our mistakes.

We quitted after the match. Kailin went to her friend’s house straight away. After bathing, the remaining four of us went to the food court to have dinner before going home.

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