The pain strike so suddenly that I almost dropped on the floor completely; I was paralysed on both legs, looking worse off a beggar. The torments and tears rounded me up, and I just wished for an instant death.

It was just the beginning of the training and my enthusiasm was fiery hot. CPT Phua was on leave and therefore, I was put as a setter temporary. Having a blister on my right thumb, I couldn’t get the feeling right, however, was calm enough to get most of the balls to place.

We were training on defence and I was supposed to take all the second balls. All of them were taller than me, could be better spikers, but some of their digging made me run around as if I was in flames. I didn’t know my limit.

By the time I could practise on my spiking – dig, set and spike in pairs – the moment I jumped, both my calves seemed to be disabled. It was the worst cramp I had ever had.

I was in a half squat position, couldn’t move at all. Everyone came over to help me up and then they decided sitting down was a better position while they pushed my feet towards me. I was in more sweat than ever, trying hard to endure the hellish blessed pain. After some time, my embarrassment finally ended as I moved to the side.

I sat down there to stretch myself, but to no avail. It was totally useless when the pain had lasted too long and my muscle was injured that I couldn’t recover in anytime soon.

The day was somehow not being utilised properly and I sighed for it. That was long I last had a proper training. It took me so much troubles and music to get there to train and to display my leftover abilities, so much that I had to abandon my friends in camp to finish up the rest of the work.

Alas, I was still very happy to be involved in the training with the friendly people. I was halfway through my journey to my dreams. It wasn’t smooth but the aids and supports from my camp-mates were remarkable and touching.

Throughout these days of struggling to the inter-signals competition and this training, Kian Wee was a great companion. For all the care and concern he had bestowed on me, I couldn’t stop praising.

I had a great ride on his dad’s lorry this day from Mandai camp to Punggol MRT station. I loved how the wind hit on my face when I tucked my head out facing the front. We had over taken so many other lorries and even normal cars and it kept me in wonder if his dad was blasting the accelerator or the other vehicles were imitating the speed of military vehicles at the expressway. The cool weather kept my mood so high.

I’m looking forward to play with Tze Khit and Weitat in the inter-formation game at the fine Mandai camp’s court; such that I’ve to try hard to get into the main team. Next goal is to prove to my ex-BMT-mates that it’s possible to get attached out for months for the SAFSA team.

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