When it's nearer

I never expect it to be so soon, that I’m being called up for the inter-formation training for Signals. However, it’s weird that many people are involved.

There’re too many problems that I’m facing and of course the most critical one is my injuries. I can never spike when my back is aching or strengthless, which is after carrying of heavy or bulky stuffs, or being in an awkward or unsupported position for a period of time. The aching would last for at least two days, whereas the weakness like as if I’ve just sprained my back can last more than a week.

I can’t see properly due to my astigmatism and it causes me to react slower; I can’t play when the floor is slippery, that I can’t even stand firmly to lock my hands together.

Of all, the lack of practise has already turned me into a newbie, together with the common epidemic in NS, drives my confident level down, to a stage that I can’t get into the game anymore.

What comes next is the verbal abuse from people who are jealous of my absence from the camp or think I haven’t been suffering enough being taken granted of my kindness.

So, I’ve to persist on, struggling with all the concern from my worthy friends, pushing towards limits. For them I’m touched, I’m truly aware of friendship.

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