A day's break

Finally, I decided to take a break from camp.

I don’t want to be so stupid and continue to go back when I’m sick, when others are kind of buying MC so often. When you fall sick, they won’t care for your health; when you get worse, they start to suspect your illness; when you get injured for them, they try to be sarcastic to you, take away your privilege and continue to make you work.

A great man shouldn’t be too calculative, but when things get overboard, it’s time to take more careful thought; besides, I’m not one. If you’re a workaholic, choose a competent and kind boss; if you can’t choose your boss, change your work attitude.

I went to the polyclinic before 8am and it was already quite crowded. I told the doctor I’d giddy, eyes and nose irritation and a bit of breathing difficulty. He looked into my mouth and then listened to my breathing on my back. I was quite impressed when he asked if I’d sore throat and cough because he got them right when I didn’t spell them out to him. However, I wasn’t pleased that he didn’t really pay lots of attention to my eyes even though I pointed out that I’d gone there before and it hadn’t recovered.

I was just given a day of MC, which I could at least get two days at a private clinic. Months ago when I visited the Singapore General Hospital for this eyes problem, I was given three days MC. Then, I realised he’d prescribed me with flu tablets. Even though it was the rainy season and people were probed to flu, but my nose problem aroused since long ago and I couldn’t have flu for so many months right?

There’re too many factors that make me disappointed about doctors in polyclinics nowadays. I don’t feel like talking to them anymore as they always seem to be too harsh when it comes to deducing the illness when there’s a long queue. I always make it a point to leave the room in five minutes. If not for the subsidize, I’d have a better consultation at a private clinic.

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