A night at Chinatown

I’m not a game freak but I can’t stop when I’m into any. I’ve just completed the game “Genghis Khan Series 2” by ruling all the countries from Mongolia to Europe and north-east of Africa.

I woke up feeling so dizzy, not having a fever but due to the flu tablet’s effect. I wasn’t sure it was flu or nose irritation or whatever, just taking it as prescribed by the doctor.

I knew I should have started into the merging of my old gallery into the website but it was too tedious. I wanted to rearrange them by year and reduce the downloading time, and it was going to be a big process. Couldn’t work with the spinning head, I decided to try out the game again.

I didn’t stop until evening when my family wanted to go for dinner to celebrate my elder brother’s birthday in advance. So, my elder brother and I walked to Chinatown to join my mum and younger brother. Although I stayed so near, it was the first time I stepped there eversince the pasar malam for the Chinese New Year started.

Dinner was at the seafood stall as usual. After which we went down to take a walk in the super duper crowded streets. It was all expected and during the Chinese New Year eve would be worse. I didn’t like to hang out in crowded places but it was good to be there for the New Year mood. People were busy squeezing and pushing around, which dampened the mood.

I’m always walking fast when I’m out alone on the street, but I do my best not to knock into anyone and even have to halt when a big “cupboard” is obstructing my path and not giving way; most people don’t really care for others and behave like kings, even at places where there’re few passers-by, they behave wildly as well.

Anyway, my elder brother received an SMS and then he left for town. The remaining three of us walked towards the end of a street to near the Indian temple where it was less crowded. Nothing really interested me since all of them were old stuffs which they sold every year. However, there were these poker card sets with cartoon designs which looked appealing. They were old stuffs but they really looked cute except that my brother thought the quality wasn’t that good.

We spent more time at the field opposite Maxwell market where there was more hollow space. The t-shirts amazed both my brother and I with all the Quiksilver logos looking so big; I wasn’t into branded stuffs but definitely not those super obvious fake ones.

After walking around, we got nothing except a refillable writing pad in a file. It was in a brown colour Mickey Mouse design and I betted Mingli would definitely fall for the guy who gave it to her as the picture was really cute. I paid for it since I was older even though my brother was earning more than me as a part-timer waiting for enlistment.

The place kept reminding me of the companion of Jingkun, Weitat, Mingfa, Guoxin and Jasmin years back. Jingkun’s acting as reporter in front of my old Nokia 6220 were all the old fondable memories.

Now that Jingkun’s heart is all with his girlfriend, Weitat has countless friends to entertain, Guoxin acts weird and anti-social, Mingfa is into his coaching career and months of moving to new house, and Jasmin’s attached status, we can never gather like in the past.

This year, who will I be spending the Chinese New Year eve with, rounding up the cheap leftover stuffs? Can I have all my friends? Will I be alone editing my website?

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