A year has passed

Morning was to meet up with the GESS volleyballers to attend Mr Ng’s memorial for his first year death anniversary.

I didn’t sleep early of course, but managed to wake up in time. I took the train to Bukit Batok MRT and met Jinyang there, who looked like an Ah Beng, kind of beyond recogization. After calling him several times, he didn’t look up and I had to sound his handphone to make sure I wasn’t seeing his long lost twin brother.

We waited for Sichun who came with Tze Long and then met up with the twins and some of the juniors in secondary four. I couldn’t recognise most of them but my ex teammates seemed to know them well and I felt I was in a different world.

We took bus 852 (should be) to St. Mary church, where we “rushed” (Sichun was doing more of the running) into the place while the ceremony was near to begin.

I didn’t like all the songs. Pardon me but I felt if you were to memorialize someone, you shouldn’t sing praises of something else. Whatever. At least I had to show some respect.

I wasn’t supposed to feel sad anymore. The timing wasn’t just right. I didn’t know why the day reminded me more of the inter-formation game which I wasn’t allowed to take part in. I became quieter. The cough hit me more and rode me to devastation.

One thing I couldn’t understand was why Mr Ng’s son wasn’t present. He used to dote on this unfilial son, even brought him down for the GESS volleyball camp, who acted big shot. Maybe I wasn’t in position to judge whose fault it was, but What foe could they have? After his death, everything should be buried.

I heard that this spoilt child wasn’t staying with his mum anymore. She rented a whole house outside for him when he didn’t want to stay with her. How ridiculous it was.

If you don’t have the capability, keep your egoistic; if you can’t afford, don’t get it; if you don’t respect someone, don’t seek help from her. Insensible I must say.

Anyway, the secondary four juniors didn’t join us while we embarked to West Mall for a little light lunch at KFC. The chicken quality was way worse than years ago, and at first I thought it happened only for some branches but I realised they were all the same.

Then, we went Orchard for a walk, taking bus 106 from the inter-change and Mrs Ng dropped at Clementi. The guys including me and the girls were sitting so far away. Then, we parted at Orchard when the girls were going to Far East Plaza. I thought it was a good gathering but it ended up this way that we were divided into groups and separated.

The remaining of us (the guys) joined up with Chuanjie and took a walk around Takashimaya. Junrong bought a pair of Adidas shoes for around $150 and soon we bid each other goodbye.

A different Chinese New Year Eve it was.

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