Absurd trip to Suntec City

My elder brother asked my mum and me out to Suntec City Carrefour. It was around 8pm already and I decided we take a cab even though there were three available direct buses. I paid for the cab fare, the second time in the day, which was a miracle.

I had a bad feeling when my brother was chatting on the mobile phone. It was quite meaningless to walk on like that. After choosing a telephone, he decided to queue up to pay for it and then he passed my mum with two ten bucks notes to pay for him before he left to meet his new girlfriend. I knew he want to get the phone so that he could chat with her at home without using the old cordless one whose cells would dry up fast.

As for we had only reached there for a short while, I found it absurd. I regretted going there for I had planned to pack up my work area actually, dropped the idea since it was his birthday after all. I regretted footing the cab fare as well although he had paid for us dozens of times; he was someone who would spend every single cent and the $5.70 wouldn’t mean anything to him.

So, my mum and I continued to walk around there. She seemed interested in many things but was too thrifty to get any even though I told her I would pay for her. In the end, we got some cheap clothes.

When we were at the cashier, I realised all the staffs were working very slowly. This working attitude kept the queue long. I keyed in my code for the NETS card thrice, it didn’t work and I had to pay by cash. I was sure the machine really sucked big time since I couldn’t have repeated my mistake thrice.

I wanted to get a cheap wheeled chair but the shops had already closed.

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