Another chance – a greater progress

I was so tired that I dozed off soon after getting home. Work was hectic in camp today, but maybe it was just for me.

There was too much initiative that body almost couldn’t take it. I couldn’t stand things going wrong or left undone. At least there was someone working hard too, so I wasn’t bothered a lot by those sleeping slackers.

Nothing was great enough for my smile ever since my volleyball journey faced the big problem. However, Captain Phua’s call was enlightenment. This busy man who didn’t even have time to take part in this tournament, had to withdraw from the team due to commitment, was forking out so much time for me.

I could be the most honoured person in camp. Though luck was never with me, I was in fact quite fortunate to have friends giving me advices all these years. Nevertheless I didn’t like owing people favour or creating problems or inconvenience for them.

I realised I’d spoken up more this day, perhaps, could be this new hope that had immersed. A day ago I thought it’d be too late to re-schedule an earlier appointment with the MMI physiotherapist but somehow I managed to get the first day she was back from her two weeks overseas leave.

This chance I’ve to grab, to talk round her into lending me a helping hand. Miss Archana, I believe she’s not as unprofessional as the MO, possessing more understanding and holiness.

I’m left with this last gasp of breath, till victory I regain my respiration, or maybe, failure, I break down.

Next Monday is the first match, as well as the appointment. This chaos in my mind causes no panic or excitement; I seem numbed.

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