Anthony's dad's funeral

I was supposed to go home early to upload my website with all the updated stuffs which I’d done over the weekends, however, I failed to.

During the gym session with Bryan and Sem Chi, I received this SMS from my brother, saying Anthony’s dad had passed away. I told him the time I was booking out in the evening but he didn’t reply after that.

As mentioned by Bryan, people go to the gym for different purposes. Like him, he trained to make himself look nicer, whereas others tried to make themselves fitter; for Sem and I, we were just doing it as physiotherapy. I was so lazy that I didn’t really like to go to the gym, since volleyball could help keep me fit as well, but for the sake of my recovery I had to.

When I was leaving the camp, I gave my brother a call to confirm the meeting time and place, and he told me he wasn’t going anymore. Since I might not be able to leave the camp before nightfall the next day, I decided to proceed on alone.

I strolled towards Anthony’s house with Edgar, who stayed further down, and we’d some craps on the way talking about seeing girls. Anthony couldn’t see my face when I waved across the road.

His dad passed away on Monday due to heart attack. There wasn’t any symptom before that, just plainly minor illness like fever. Like most of the funerals I’d attended, there wasn’t any crying; adults were supposed to act brave.

I was dead beat as I hadn’t slept enough for the past few days as usual. There wasn’t much for me to say, especially when I didn’t know his friends. As more of them arrived, I became more awkward, finding difficulty in understanding their conversations. They just made me so inferior. From games, movies, stars to scouts and other topics, there was too little I knew to give any constructive or even humorous remarks, that I stayed in low profile.

They were great men, the old boys from my secondary school, Gan Eng Seng School, the ex scouts of great leaderships and fames. I could have gained so much if I’d joined them years back, if only I didn’t hate uniform groups.

The interesting thing was that they ate the peanuts like chocolates. I betted they were hungry like me but was too shy to take any food. I sat there stoning for more than five hours before they all decided to leave. One of them drove a few of home and luckily for that, I could reach home earlier near midnight.

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