Await the most crucial day

Because it had been raining for the past few days, there wasn’t really any plan of activity.

It was cooling at home, except that nothing worthwhile was done. My younger brother had distracted me a lot with his Maplestory game. It was quite boring killing the same creatures at first but soon it became interesting when level increased and the damage dealt was higher. Soon, I started to help him play.

The days weren’t as peaceful as I’d sounded earlier on; in fact, I was very nervous now as the time came by. I’d received a call from Clement about two hours ago and I found him weird to ask him whether I was still interested in taking part in the tournament; of course I wanted and I really needed to play else I’d definitely suffer from a breakdown.

The first match is tomorrow and I’ve to reach by 1230h. There’re too many problems I’m going to face: firstly the persuasion with the physiotherapist to write me a memo to certify I’m fit enough to take part; secondly, the fight against time to go back camp for approval to reach Mandai camp before the match; thirdly, sarcastic comments from the superiors.

That’s when everything turns out fine; I’ve to play with my lack of training, with the team of people who haven’t played together in a 6-men game. I’ve to be so determinate for my physical body hasn’t recovered fully and that’s I’m not as flexible as in the past. The last factor is my confident, which I hope upon seeing Weitat and Tze Khit will raise it.

Monday – the most crucial day of all, I’ve to give in my best shot.

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