Chinese New Year Eve celebration

The camp’s celebration went smooth. Staff Quek got Kwang Han and I over to the MPH soon after the first parade. We had everything up fast and then there were numerous of rehearsals till the actual event took place.

My role was simple, plainly to switch the projector from Video mode to RGB mode and vice versa with the lousy controller; whereas Kwang Han had to operate the mixer which they made it quite tedious for him.

The food was great but the drinks were diluted. Then there was this Ang Bao and mandarin oranges giving session and there were only two chocolate coins inside the red packets. I hadn’t had enough of the food before they started leaving the place.

Most people from my branch were ungrateful ones. I helped them place their belongings inside the store room and then brought them out from the store room before I started to tear down the system and cabling. They just left without helping anything. Poor Sem with his injured knee was trying to help out as much as he could and we managed to clear everything quite fast, leaving the hall to those poor kids clearing the furniture and decorations.

At least, I was one of the fastest to get to the MRT station since Yuqing drove Chen De, Kwang Han, Sem and I over. I wasted the afternoon napping once I reached home.

The sickening thing was that I had actually overslept in the morning as I took my medicine before dozing off. I wasted $13.50 on cab fare and I could have reported sick and not attended the half day’s work since I was so sick.

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