End of year – 2005

It rained heavily and my mum hadn’t come home with my lunch at three in the afternoon. Things weren’t going good. I was late for an hour; surprisingly Weitat was in the same train as me. I was the end whereas he was at the front. I tried to join him but the train was fully packed at the middle.

We joined the rest at Bedok’s Giant and they were ready to set off. Mingen drove Tze Khit, Mingli, Xiaowei and Guoxin to Tze Khit’s house while Mingfa, Meijun, Weitat and I went to go some food. We’d a hard time getting a cab just before a bus-stop near the MRT station where there was an illegal queue.

I’d rather take train over since it was only a stop away but they didn’t want to walk. It was really expensive to take a cab during festival period and I’d trusted the driver too much that he hit his side mirror with another car’s on the roadside.

I spent my time playing with Tze Khit’s dog, Snoopy, as well as taking pictures around. Mingli, Xiaowei and Guoxin were busy preparing the food. The fire was quite well-started as the weather seemed to turn good for our celebration and for the first time I started barbecuing and the rest slowly joined in. Some of them were busy at the mahjong table all along.

After some time, the water-melon was cut and we’d to salute to Mingli for choosing the “beautiful” green water-melon. When the news of Anqi not coming over broke out, we took out the cake and had it donated to our stomach.

Ah Teck, Kok Chiang and his future girlfriend’s arrival lightened up the spirit more. Most of us went into the living room to play game and the forfeit was to be shot by Tze Khit’s air pistol. I managed to capture some photos and a video of Xiaowei panicking when she was the target; however, she deleted them cunningly. I was down-lucked thrice but the bullet didn’t hit me.

It was all silence when Mingli mentioned about leaving with Xiaowei, Xinyi and Guoxin. She was such a noisy cockster who had created so much fun that the place turned quiet immediately upon their departure. I did another good deed before they left by taking a photo for them and Guoxin must have felt so blessed to stand besides Xiaowei.

Kok Chiang was forced to drink up some alcoholic drinks before sending his future girlfriend home. He was so weird that he didn’t want to drink in front of her and she seemed to be a very nice girl, worrying about him and willing to help him drink up a bit.

Kok Chiang returned after that and he wasn’t in a good condition that his cab passed by a few times but didn’t stop. We’d to give him a call to inform him that he’d passed by before he managed to get back.

When I was dozing off with the boredom, Kailin came, but it wasn’t enough to light up the place anymore. I dozed off, leaving Kok Chiang and Tze Khit drowning themselves in the merry of alcohol.

In the morning, Weitat, Mingfa, Meijun and Kailin left in Mingen’s car. After that, Mingfa and Weitat messaged me and woke me up, telling me that they left without informing us so that we wouldn’t be woke up.

Tze Khit’s mum asked us to go upstairs to sleep, but Jingpeng decided to go home. So, both of us left the place without Kok Chiang and Ah Teck.

It was really fun to have such gathering and would be even greater if other members like Ah Bee, Wilson and Pauline were present too.

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