Feeling worse

As my cough worsened with a little sore throat, feeling strengthless and irritated, the HLS run was finally conducted outside camp area. It was at a bad timing.

I was so weak that I couldn’t do much to lift my feet off the ground. Probably, sleeping for only nine hours for the past three nights played a part too.

Usually I was the one overtaking people, especially at the last stage where I would spin up, impressing others. This day, I was satisfied enough to finish the course. I lost track of Bryan since the start, unlike the previous time I was behind him until half of the distance.

It was a wrong choice to run after all; I should have slow down besides one of the pretty CCKS girls and enjoy the jog in the cool morning breeze.

I had a good breakfast with Ivan, Fredrick and Yuqing. It was the first time I took Yun Tun Mee at the canteen and it tasted quite good.

Going back to the office to start my day of hard work, I soon began to feel worse especially with my nose, probably the flu.

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