Genghis Khan Series 2

My back ached badly even though I was sitting on the chair with the back rest; my cough worsened with my whole body still feeling weak. I regretted not visiting the Chinese physician on last Friday or Saturday when timing could meet; I preferred bitter medicine to sweet ones, besides, they could do me better by bringing down the “heat”, caused by my fury and disappointments, which was the origin of my illness.

It was supposed to be a very fruitful day and I could have uploaded some updates for my website. Just when I was checking the availability of all the URLs in the links pages, I started trying out the games. Slowly, I proceeded on, until the site where ROMs were available.

I tried to search for the Water Margin game, in vain, and then my target became Genghis Khan Series 2. I opened the Sega Emulator and started trying out this game which I wanted to play since ten years ago, if not for the cost.

It was difficult to start off with the non-text graphics for all the sub menus. I didn’t even know which command each of them stand for until I clicked and executed them. Despites this, I managed to conquer the whole Mongolia and thought it was such simple game.

Then, I realised I was wrong. The second err started off by the invasion into China and the European countries including Italy. All the countries were too vulnerable to each other that defending was difficult. Since I couldn’t control my countries directly, my ruled places were often broken through after the AI’s auto invasion to weaker countries with my troops. The concept was kind of same as the Water Margin’s but there were more “players” in this game.

So, I ended up spending the whole night with no achievement; while my main force was gaining more lands, my backup forces attacked the weaker countries by themselves and ended up being invaded when the remaining defending forces were little.

The computers were sadists that they executed all captives and the unrealistic thing was that all generals would be captured for the battle lost. Since the game didn’t have many plots, I’d to figure out how to win it with the head-on battle concept.

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