Half day off

After taking the flu tablet and cough syrup, I knocked off soon.

It was a surprise visit from Shep and like usual, she didn’t sound pleased. That was after a complaint from 007, which I believed he was just trying to create problems out of boredom again. There was basically nothing except that “your men are getting out of hand again and you better go and check them out.”

So, what’s wrong?

There wasn’t even time for me to recover from the drowsiness caused by the medicine. Then she started saying I didn’t go for the first parade, which I’d been going everyday. Even though I was very used to being accused, I wasn’t in the mood to control my temper.

Things could be done were done. I couldn’t understand most of her speeches. She told me to visit the freaking MO if I were sick, although I’d told her I’d my medicine. Halfway through, her attitude turned better and then she told me to take half day off. It wasn’t for free; I’d accumulated two pathetic day-off after so many months of torture there.

Before I could leave, blackie brought a new problem and then his tone changed so fast when Shep came to know about it.

Camp’s life sucks.

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