Heartache is the virus

As I begin to feel worse, it’s such a weird feeling I haven’t had for long.

I’ve a poor health but everytime before I’m going to fall sick, I manage to suppress the riot by my mental power. However, whenever I face a big setback, I’ll definitely fall very sick.

I was tired enough to doze off without taking any medication. After the short but many intervals of sleep, I tried to make the day more worthwhile but my brain was blocked.

I didn’t like it when I began to feel more feverish. I was numbed. This day I was alone almost all the time that nobody cared.

Night time was a finger training session for me to help Kailin to ask the BMCC guys if they were attending her birthday party. My brain seemed to be squeezed. This was when I realised speaking was a tedious activity, though it didn’t matter to me since I didn’t really feel like talking.

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