How they fare

Cpt. Heartless
Head Hell

Dear Sir,

RE: Permission to take part in inter-formation volleyball tournament

1. I would like to seek your permission to take part in the above mentioned tournament commencing 090106.

2. I am fully aware of my existing back and knee conditions (from my physiotherapist). Understanding the limitations, I would like to take full responsibility for any unforseen worsening of these two conditions during the period of tournament.

3. For your understanding and approval, please.


As I talked to Guoxin about the inter-formation game, he told me the Signal team didn’t do well. I didn’t even have the chance to witness how they play. It was a whole life of regrets, though there was nothing I could really do.

I strongly believed things would be better if I weren’t forfeited from taking part; they really needed a better digger; a volleyball freak who would go for all sorts of ball would benefit them a lot as well.

The doctor sucked; the physiotherapist didn’t dare to take any risk; the boss wasn’t compassionate at all; the officer-in-charge didn’t request approval at the upper level; my means to take responsibility for myself was declared; the concerned officer couldn’t do anything except to put in words for the people. It was all designed to put my chance down.

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