Kok Chiang's place

I just got back from Kok Chiang’s house a few hours ago. His mum was so friendly, funny and entertaining that I almost didn’t want to leave.

In the first place, I didn’t really want to go. It was a last minute notice and I was even told that we might have to leave before nine if Kok Chiang was going out. I was purely lazy.

I dragged on, taking short naps and updating my journal and time flew. Kok Chiang told me he wasn’t leaving anymore since his girlfriend was going to his house too and then I had less hesitation. However, it wasn’t nice that we had to depend on his girlfriend whether to stay for long or short time. Nowadays, everyone seemed to care too much about their girlfriends.

Anyway, I left my house at around seven in the evening. It was a short journey afterall, from Tanjong Pagar to Buona Vista. His mum still remembered me and my vocation in the army, but not my name.

There were basically nothing much for me to do there except to gather, watch my friends play, eat and watch television since I didn’t like gambling. Small bet would eventually lead to big one. And also, same like Ah Teck, I hated losing; but he couldn’t resist the temptation in the end.

It was then I realised Ah Bee’s number had changed since more than two years ago. I even called and tested the number and that new holder SMSed me back. It was quite embarrassing for me; I should have clarified the number with him first before dialling.

Denis was there too and then he went down to bring his girlfriend up, who looked pretty. Then, it was Mingfa’s turn to fetch Meijun and Ah Ma. So, there was actually increasing of couples in the group.

There was an urge for photography since I was bored but the room was too squeezing to move around to find good angles. I took some closed up ones like usual instead. I didn’t really do good jobs mostly as to rush for time and waste no time on adjusting the brightness and even the focusing.

It was after eight that my mum called and told me they were at the River Ang Bao waiting for me. I left at nine plus with Wilson and Pauline but my mum called me when I passed by the control station to inform me that they were heading home already.

I went back to Kok Chiang’s house to join them again and then greeted his mum again, in the kitchen to give her a surprise. After some time, I went to the living to watch the “Zhang San Feng” show with his dad, who asked me questions about photography. I wasn’t really good at it but luckily managed to answer him some of the simple questions. Poor him had to leave for work after a while.

I left the place without finishing the show since I didn’t want to miss the last train to waste money on cab again.

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