There’re many things that are within my limit and otherwise. It always hurts me when I fail to help my friends, though I shouldn’t be too emotional anymore.

Just now when Wah Chuan and Mike came into the office to borrow projector just for an hour, I couldn’t loan it out; while Staff Quek was on leave, everything had to go through Shep who wasn’t as flexible.

I remembered a few months ago when most of the trainees were gone, we had quite a high upkeep but soon they started to disappear traceably. The Spectrum’s projector spoiled and we had to support them with the mini IBM one. Next was the conference room’s one, which was fixed in less than two days previously but now it took forever, and we had to support as well. Finally was the newly opened mini conference room, which required our support as well.

Out of the seventeen projectors, seven are at the workshop pending for repair due to money issue, whereas two spoilt ones are still inside the office. Apart from the three being loaned out unworthily, two are at the CCIS labs for lessons and one is at the threatrette. The balancing two pathetic ones are the only available ones.

There’re just too little that I can do.

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