Long day run

I wasn’t giving up but just a little tired. Perhaps, lack of sleep was the main problem.

I couldn’t take a break in the early morning and had so many things to do without taking breakfast.

First was to fix up the DVI to VGA connector to the two computers in the main office. Then I had to bring the projector from the mini conference to multi-purpose hall, as well as to set up the system there for the Chinese New Year celebration.

One of the computers was missing a mouse. Then, nobody held the keys to the conference room and the bitch tried to shift all responsibilities. After some time, she finally allowed us to go in and claimed that we didn’t tell her we only want to collect back the projector. Next was to do a simple testing to the media rack to make sure the mixer and other equipments were working before moving them out. Things didn’t go smooth. I went to the guard house and the keys were already signed out. I was at a lost.

At least, the MPH was opened. Then Yuqing and I brought all the heavy equipments over and my back exerted so much. Staff had so much creativity in mind that he left to get some stuffs, leaving us there for a little rest before lunch.

I couldn’t even have some peace during lunch, receiving calls like as if I was in debt. Gobbling up the food, I rushed back to the office, bringing along the worries that Staff would call me anytime to get back to the MPH. Some people must be mocking at my foolishness because since nobody cared, why should I put in so much effort, especially when the head wasn’t of an honourable person? I took responsibility for my own professionalism.

Why are some people able to enjoy and take their own sweet time for their lunch, while others have to spoil their stomach and get only negative comments from their boss? This world is crap, especially this organisation.

The reason I should stay away from the counter was that nobody else would bother to settle all the shit when Kwang Han wasn’t around. So, when I was writing a voucher with so much doubt, I had to answer to all the knocks on the door. When Sam was there to borrow a projector for lesson, I was asked to either check the function room or open the theatrette, and I wondered I had to leave Sam there to wait a few hours later when I was done and his lesson was over, and then issue the projector to him. Craps.

Can four persons handle all these things? Setting up of MPH, issuing of computer sets with all the parts, issuing and collecting of rooms and equipments, setting up of the theatrette with weird demands and answer to all the weird questions and unreasonable comments – I doubt so.

I rushed up to the theatrette, leaving Sam to set up the projector alone and for the first time I didn’t even care about the completeness of filling up of the t-loan book – I didn’t have a choice but at least his signature was there and I trusted he would return everything without problem.

I didn’t know what event was at the theatrette until asking them. They wanted to switch between the desktop and their laptop and removing the VGA cable was a hazard with the lousy sound cable. Having some initiative, I rushed down to the office to get the switch.

When I saw Wah Chuan was there to collect his projector which Staff had approved in the morning, none was there to entertain him. I didn’t know what was wrong and suddenly I felt so disappointed; when I was there busy with the entrusted work, I bothered to entertain those small little fries with the little shit, but nobody cared for the projector for the meeting of the big shots.

At this point of time, I began to doubt myself for my thinking skill; I wondered if the stuffs for the next morning were more important or the immediate aids to the client. I got so messed up, probably due to the lack of sleep.

Up, I went back to the theatrette and faced the trouble of the laptop not able to output to the projector with the switch. Though it was only a storey high, I almost trampled the stairs towards the control room with all the climbing. I changed the VGA cable and then changed the ports and realised one of them was spoilt. I managed to get it fixed.

Having a small crowd at the control room, I didn’t know if they were supposed to be there since it was their events and they were the ones knowing what exactly was going to happen, but some of them were actually blocking me. They were so curious about all the adjustments of the sound mixer and lightings that they didn’t care who the owner was. I was too soft perhaps.

There were limitations again. I couldn’t switch the sound cable between the desktop and laptop without plugging in and out of the exact cable because we didn’t have a switch or what. I was also lack of knowledge because basically nobody taught me much since I got there. And then Warrant Toh had a request for Chinese New Year music at the end of the event, which I couldn’t fulfil. I needed not anyway, for his joke; nevertheless it would be interesting to have it.

Other than the very impressive video presentation, the event was a crap. Usually for major event, the organiser would have booked the theatrette a day before for rehearsal, and not the last minute actions, without even letting us know of the requirements of equipments. Shep might be furious if she knew I was running around like a monkey to help them out.

Anyway, they were nice people, especially the officer. I was looking out for Captain Edward who was very friendly towards me, but I didn’t get to talk to him.

It was a boring event and I was very disappointed with myself that I didn’t do a last minute check on the microphone for the MC. I had told the people inside the control room to leave it on all the time while we use the mixer to switch it on or off. Just when their commander came in, the MC’s voice wasn’t projected out. The operator of the computer started the video when I was waiting for the MC to announce, thus I didn’t switch off the lights in time. Nobody kicked a fuss though.

There were long speeches and I didn’t know what stuns would be up next and since the first part was a bit cocked up, unable to be perfect, I didn’t want it to be worse. So, when Chen De wanted me to leave the control room to settle other things, I told him no, not even to go to the toilet to ease my needs.

I felt stupid again, for in the past when Shep first came and she expected at least three persons to be in the theatrette for major events. Now that I was alone to struggle there with my shagged body, I was expected to leave there to handle other things.

There wasn’t any cock up anymore luckily. Anyway, I got to talk to my two team-mates of the Signal formation. I didn’t know their names but one of them should be Calvin or something closed to it. He told me about the lost of the matches and if I was around it would make a big difference after Brian sprained his ankle and there was no setter. I was upset, so depressed that my chest was still uncomfortable till this day.

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