Morning run

I was cursed that the HLS (Healthy lifestyle) wouldn’t be conducted out of the camp. Just before we were near the gate, it started to drizzle and the route changed to within the camp only. It was kind of wasting time to run with such big crowds who were blocking my way that trying to maintain their speed behind them drained out my energy. Overtaking caused inconsistency of strength used during the run. Nevertheless, running with a bad cough was tough.

I was curious to see Unimog at the carpark near the POL area. Suddenly Benson called for me and I realised the 3SIG guys were having a major exercise there and their landrover had broken down since hours ago and yet the MT-Line didn’t provide any technician or a substitute rover to help them. It was good to chat with him there for about an hour, knowing more about the conditions of our ex platoon-mates.

Brian passed by and I asked him about the volleyball tournament. He announced the sad news that he had sprained his ankle during the first game and our team could actually get into the top three. He had called 007 immediately upon obtaining his injury to get me back to the team but failed. I could have replaced him as the setter instead of being the libero and we could achieve the first ever glory of the Signals team.

It seems too impossible to live a life without hatreds and regrets.

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