Office duty

I’d a bad experience waking up late when I was having office duty in the morning. I didn’t know what was wrong, except that my watch could never wake me up already since I was immured to the sound and being too sleepy could easily overcome the soft sound. However, I was amazed that both my alarm clock and the sharp alarm from my phone failed to do so too; someone could have snapped them down before I woke up.

The feeling of panicking, the lostness of the weariness and the unwelcoming morning light caught me unprepared. I didn’t know what to do next. The day was too tough for me to handle, because I was going to face the insane woman who had threatened to use violence – chopper or knife. Sitting down there was enough to tempt her to create nuisance; and when I was late that would do her more justice to destroy me.

I was all prepared to take a cab down, which would cost me a bomb but decided to try my luck on Ivan who always reached for the first bus; whereas I was only able to be on time for the second bus. So, I woke him up from his dream on the train and he gladly agreed to help me draw the keys.

The air-conditioner was down, which meant greater heat for that disastrous room. After the first parade, when everyone was accounted for, she wasn’t there yet. I went in to the room and after some time, Miss Lee arrived.

“Is she coming here?”

“Don’t worry, she isn’t coming today. Are you scared?”

I left the room to resume my normal duty. It was in the later part of the day when I heard the witch went for recuperation, most probably to treat her mental problems, and wouldn’t be back these few days.

The whole camp could finally stay peaceful.

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