Outing photos

Hey guys,

Remember to get the outing photos from me a day after the outing day onwards. But sometimes if I don’t shoot many, I might not upload them into the computer so soon. Please do not pressurize me because sometimes I’ve other things to do as well.

I can’t remember exactly who I’ve sent them to and many of you didn’t message me to get them until so long and I’ve deleted the zipped files or even from the servers (if I did upload in any).

Anyway, most of the times, distributing files in MSN are slow and might take hours before it automatically disconnects it and can’t be resumed; hence, I might upload them into webspaces (thanks to Ganasan and Irwin), which would provide faster download speed than my direct transfer, and available to more people at a time. However, I need to delete them soon such that they won’t take up too much of the space. Let’s speed up then.


These are some of the latest albums, with others in between the dates. Please remember to get from me ASAP for those who have attended the outings.

I’ll try to upload all photos cropped and described into my website but it’s going to be a long project, so hang on there.

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