Return of the old witch

She’s being possessed again. The hell has just opened.

The previous time was when 007 first arrived, when she threatened to charge everyone. It lasted for around half a year until the IKC2 week, when something or someone managed to subdue the devil.

There was this rumour told by the previous staffs that she was once a clerk at the headquarter, and after scolding a colonel, being demoted and transferred over (sounds like a thrash place).

She was scolding Kim Hock when I stepped into the office. Even though she was longer here, she didn’t have the right to scold an officer. Then, I found out that he got involved with her just because of protecting the dignity of his men – how great.

Next was my turn when I’d to submit my time sheet to her. She started grumbling that everyone was pushing these stuffs to her and that we should do it by ourselves. I finally realised how ridiculous she’d turned into because she was the clerk and was supposed to collect everything; if she was a doctor, patients would have to cure their sickness themselves.

The climax came when she took the paper for me and threw it onto the floor. Staff Quek was there to calm me down though it was useless since my temper was quite okay that day. She continued to throw her tantrum and then took the paper from me again and threw it again. Staff quickly picked it up for me and thought I’d lose control but I didn’t. Weirdly, I only found it funny to see her behave like this; perhaps, I hadn’t seen insane people for quite long already.

I was lucky that this didn’t happen a few weeks ago when I was extremely mood and definitely couldn’t control myself; else there would be more trouble. She told me to bring the paper to the admin office myself to get it stamped and I was stunned since time sheet didn’t require anything.

So, I proceeded on to the admin office and the clerk there was amazed also. After telling her this witch had asked me to go over so ridiculously, he told me she had been behaving insanely since a few days ago.

After going back to my office, I saw a small crowd taking refugee there, trying to escape from her, hoping she wouldn’t cross over the road to look for troubles. It was funny. Anyway I heard she even created nuisances for people in other departments.

I don’t know when the devil would leave her body; not another half a year I hope.

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