Sense of achievement

It got worse today again. I shouldn’t have gone to camp for the cough and flu so torturing. However, at least I got to learn something new today.

It was a tough day as usual. I hated it when being tasked to do things and yet others weren’t doing anything.

The good thing arrived during the afternoon. Kwang Han and I had to resume setting up the Multi-purpose hall with Staff Quek. I was more than happy to do that because it was more meaningful than staying inside the office to settle all the shit, being taken for granted.

It wasn’t a relaxing job. I found it stupid when I had to carry the big and heavy power drum from the office to the hall, which I was told to bring back from the Publication store, a nearer place, a few days ago. I estimated it to be around ten kilograms and it was quite bulky.

I had travelled so much distance, walking to and fro to get items. Line laying around the hall was tedious but quite interesting. Then, suddenly we realised one of the speakers wasn’t pronouncing sound. Staff started tracing the problem and I almost cocked it up while trying to help out because I didn’t start from the end of the cable, where there was this torn part.

So, I managed to learn how to fix the cable for temporary use, without soldering (I wasn’t taught as well). I was glad, though it was simple, but at least it was something new, compared to my past months of wasted time doing shit and yet not learning anything useful.

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