Staying back late

I hadn’t stayed back till so late in camp for quite long already. This night I was so exhausted after staying up at 3am continuously for fourth days.

As usual, it was all for the room #4-10/11 which was the only lecture room with Internet, such that the trainees loved to stay there since they didn’t get to surf net until weekends.

It was alright to work overtime since recently there was this system to accumulate hours to claim off. I’d rather stay back late each time than to stay back for a short while for many times as it was boring to stay back alone and considering the extra transport fee.

However, the record book went missing a few weeks ago after I brought it to the TRMS office and then told Ivan to get Chen De or Jonathan to bring it back. I’d searched through the cupboards and asked around but nobody knew where it was. My lost was the greatest since I’d been staying back most frequently and I didn’t record them down.

I was quite fortunate since Jacky Foo was the Duty Officer for the day and he was just inside the Admin office when I went to return the keys. His concern was a comfort to my heart; it was great that another guy understood our difficulties and suffers.

I was supposed to stay overnight in camp before the parade for the next day was cancelled. It’d be quite cool since Chen De and Kwang Han would be staying together if it had resumed.

It’s going to be only a half day for the next day since I’m having physiotherapy session in the afternoon. I’m looking forward to the next day for the weekends.

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