The day I woke up late

I managed to not wake up before noon finally on a Saturday. Congratulate me.

I must thank my family, especially my mum who didn’t call home in the morning. Next, was of course the aunties who didn’t make nuisance calls like the usual weekends morning. I was also lucky that my phone was resting as well.

It was quite a horrible start of the day to realise my computer was restarted. I’d so many documents and programs left opened before sleeping. Luckily, all my work was saved.

I felt sleepy because I slept very late despite of waking up late. My mum brought my lunch home after an hour, which was a box of rice with fish cutlets, two slices of cucumber and a piece of ginger. The big portion of cutlets kept my mouth busy and eventually I got sleepy.

Chatting with Irwin gave me greater drives but soon, my inspiration worn off and I began to stone. Another Saturday afternoon was wasted. I made trips to the rooms and had a few minutes of nap occasionally until I remembered to search for a song – Ban Ruo Duo Luo Mi (般若多罗米) by Daniel Chan. This was the greatest failure so far; I downloaded some files which was the Buddhism’s chanting and I couldn’t even find a WMA version of the song.

It was the opening of the pasar malam in Chinatown for the Chinese New Year and my mum wanted me to accompany her alone there as my elder brother was in Malaysia while the latter one was working. From the news, I heard it was grander than ever with more stalls, but the crowd hesitated me. What was worse was to go with my mum alone when I didn’t feel like talking and she’d definitely be telling me more stories on the way, from whichever auntie giving birth to the water treatment machine selling ass didn’t want to fix up the one he sold us. The pushing crowd would definitely give her more annoyance and I’d to face even more music.

It was my duty to accompany my mum of course, but certainly not when I wasn’t in the mood. Perhaps, I really needed to learn to love talking soon before sinking into a lonelier life. There was too much of a change over these years, unfortunately not for the better.

It was a peaceful night alone at home. Since my brain had decided to go on strike, I made a point to continue with what was halfway done – the romance of the three kingdoms series three game. So, I unified China once again.

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