Time to begin updating

I hadn’t been doing my website throughout the night until daylight and it was a good experience once again. Though I was distracted by some things like the television, Myspace and also the search of my songs, progress was slow.

I spent the whole day doing things related to my website. I managed to get some nice midi files but most of them were too soft. An achievement was that I managed to get WMA format of the two songs I was looking for – Daniel Chan’s Ban Ruo Bo Luo Mi and Su You Peng’s Ai Qing Gao Su Wo.

The day was lonely but at least I managed to start cracking again, especially on my website. Irwin had upgraded his webhost plan and therefore I was planning to put back the old gallery of the photos taken years back like around 2001 to 2003; after which, I’d be adding albums from year 2003 onwards. It’d be a terribly long project but it’d be so good to look at and recap about the past.

Just now, Chua had called me again regarding the photos taken at Rehan’s house. Another nearly ten minutes of phone bill was wasted; it was damn difficult to communicate with him and at the end it didn’t work. Since he was a very simple and nice guy and I didn’t mind all the efforts.

Hours later, the torment would begin again in camp where the unhappiness fills the mind. I hate stepping in.

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